Hemp Oil – There’s No Magic, Just Pain Relief in a Bottle!

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Hemp Oil – There’s No Magic, Just Pain Relief in a Bottle!

So a friend of mine was talking to me about his recent journey with Hemp Oil. It was a bottle he bought from me and I wanted to get his feedback. He had never used Hemp Oil before and wanted my opinion since this is my passion and I have a little bit of expertise in this area! I told him to start off with a good Oil and see what the effects would be after 2 weeks. He said “2 weeks?, I thought this stuff would work right away!” I then started to inform him about the use and benefits of the oils. I told him like many other medications, it takes time for is to get into your system and work its powers. He agreed, walked away and reported back after 3 weeks.

3 weeks in:

So when John came back after 3 weeks, he had a big smile on his face! John was suffering from a knee injury he had while Skiing when he was younger. He said, Julianne, I originally thought you were crazy and that this stuff was a hoax. I asked why? He said because after a week I wasn’t really feeling much of a difference and I almost said “Money wasted!” But your voice rang in my head talking about you need to get it in your system and so that’s what I did. I Kinda woke up out of bed one day and not even realizing what was going on, I started my morning routine. Then it hit me! I wasn’t feeling the stinging pain I normally felt every morning! What was happening? I was in the stage where the Hemp Oil kicked in! It was amazing and I called my wife and told her about it and she just thought “John, your nuts!”

I smiled back at John and told him, “You are a little Nuts John, but I’m glad your feeling better!”

So what was John taking? I gave him a bottle of Organic Hemp Remedy 1000mg   and told him to take it 1-2 times per day to give it a great into into the body. It is loaded with fatty acids and vitamins that our bodies need. I don’t know if John is ready to run the marathon yet but I do know he has a smile on his face that I haven’t seen for quite some time. I am so glad he continued to use the product and got the results he was looking for.

One thing to remember is that you want to get a quality oil. Look for organic, vegan, Non-GMO oils. You can get a great oil for a great price and will want to continue using it on a daily basis!

Organic Hemp Remedy 1000mg