Can you Treat Psoriasis Using a Hemp Cream Topical?

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Use of Hemp Oil Cream for Treatment of Psoriasis

Are you struggling with psoriasis but not sure what to do about it? You could be among the 8 million Americans or 125 million people who suffer from skin psoriasis globally. Fortunately, scientists have come up with hemp-infused medication to suppress the condition. Before we dig in to understand how hemp works to suppress the condition, it is important to define several terms.

Features of psoriasis

The following features are synonymous with psoriasis:

  • Itching or soreness on the skin
  • Swollen and stiff joints
  • Dry areas on the skin

What is hemp oil?

Hemp is oil extracted from the hemp plant which is a species of the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD oil which contains CBD, THC and other terpenes, hemp oil is unadulterated.

Hemp oil concentration

Several theories have been developed concerning the use of hemp oil to suppress psoriasis. According to researchers, hemp oil seed is mainly made up of fatty acids, especially omega-6 and omega-3, which make up to 75% of the concentration. The researchers also found that the omega-6 to omega-3 occur in the ratio of 3:1, which helps the skin to create new tissues. The other nutrient found in hemp oil is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

How to use hemp cream for the treatment of psoriasis

Contrary to popular belief, psoriasis can be treated using topical hemp which occurs in the form of cream.  Before the treatment, the medical officer applies the cream on a small portion of the affected area to observe the reaction. If the patient develops an allergic reaction, the doctor can recommend an alternative treatment method. Various studies have proved that hemp topical is very effective in the treatment of psoriasis. Health experts prefer using the cream since it acts directly on the affected area. Although there is no clear explanation of how the cream works, tests carried out on different people show that positive results start to show after a few months.

Side effects

Research carried out on different patients show that hemp topical is the least potent treatment option for psoriasis. The main reason why people develop side effects during treatment of psoriasis is the overdose of hemp. The only known side effects of using the cream are irritation on the skin, which leads to redness.

Bottom line

The human body is unique, and therefore, the hemp cream might cause allergic reactions. However, very few people develop allergies. Therefore, it is important to get directions from your dermatologist before using the products. More research is underway to find out how hemp works on the skin. Meanwhile, you can use the various hemp creams in the market to suppress excess cell production. The future of psoriasis treatment lies in hemp since it is the only treatment option with very minimum side effects.